What do you know about Texas Holdem poker

Texas Hold’em poker has become quite popular in the recent times. However, not many people know much pertaining to how the game is played. This article is aimed at educating you on the game. At the beginning of the game, a standard 52-card deck is shuffled by the dealer.

It is important to note that dealers do not engage in playing the game. In cases where there is no dealer, which is often due to their shortage, games are self-dealt where the deal changes every hand but following clockwise direction. This is unlike games with dealers where the dealer button progresses in the clockwise direction with every hand for each player.

What happens when dealing? Two cards are dealt to every player facing down i.e. hole cards. In the Texas Hold’em poker the identity of these cards must be kept secret. This is especially emphasized by the use of one hand to shield them and turning up one of their corners. Once placed on the table, only the player who was dealt the cards can consult them at any particular time in the hand. The dealer eventually lays out five cards in front. In this case, the players would have to combine the first cards they were dealt with the other five. The best poker hand will be the one who combines two hole cards with three of the others, one hole card with four and sometimes just the other five and none of the whole. In this case, they will have accumulated all the bets.

What are blinds? Texas Hold’em poker incorporates two forced bets (blinds) rather than Antes. At the beginning of the game, two players are on the left of the dealer and place a certain amount of money in the pot. The amount of pokerstars money is increased as time goes by in tournaments to eliminate players. Posting blind occurs where the player on the immediate left of the dealer places half of the betting minimum while the other player places the whole minimum bet.

Flop- This happens after the first round of betting where the deck’s top card is discarded by the dealer. This is also known as burning and is carried out to prevent cheating. This is necessitated by chances that any player has an unfair advantage having seen the identity of the top card accidentally. Once the dealer has placed the burnt card next to the flop, beneath the muck or the next open card, they place the other three cards on the table facing up. These are the cards that are known as the flop.

The turn- Occurs after the second betting round is complete where another card is discarded while the next card is exposed and included in the Board. This card is known as the Turn card.

River- This occurs after the completion of the third betting round. Another card is discarded while the dealer exposes the final card and adds it to the Board. The added card is known as the River car.

Poker has very technical words like every other game. There are also rules and regulations that one must abide to in this game. Incorporating them would take quite a bit of experience, time as well as patience. Learning through the process is definitely the way to go.

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