The Work of Harry Belafonte Continues…

Harry Belafonte did much more than just sing. In addition to his musical career, he has also always been an avid civil rights and humanitarian activist. He has even acted in a number of films during his lifetime. His career and life have been dedicated to improving people’s lives. Harry Belafonte is a great man that has done a lot to help others, and learning about him can help inspire others to do great things as well.

While Harry Belafonte is known for a number of things, it was his music career that really made him famous. He started out singing in clubs in New York to earn money to cover the costs of his acting classes. He started out as a pop singer but later became interested in folk music and developed the unique style he is famous for.

He launched his career by singing Calypso music, which originated in Trinidad and Tobago in the early 1900s. The album that really made him one of the most famous musicians in the world was titled Calypso. It was the first LP that ever sold more than a million copies, although some hit singles had previously sold more than that. That album is still on many top 100 lists due to spending 31 weeks at the number one spot, 58 weeks in the top ten, and 99 weeks on top of the U.S. charts. That is still incredibly impressive even today, but was simply remarkable at the time.

The Calypso album contained Harry Belafonte’s most famous song, the Banana Boat Song, which is also known as Day O due to the signature lyric. Millions upon millions of people worldwide know and love this song due to its delightful energy and musical talent. While the song was modified by Belafonte and his band, it is actually an old Jamaican mento.

He got into films in the 1950s and acted in a number of movies including Island in the Sun, Bright Road, and Odds Against Tomorrow. However, because he wasn’t happy with the roles that were available to him, he went back to singing in the 1960s and only acted again when his music career started to wind down.

Harry Belafonte is also well known for his civil rights work. He was one of Martin Luther King Jr.’s closest friends and played an active role in the civil rights movement, including marching numerous times. Belafonte helped organize and participated in the March on Washington in 1963. He also provided the financial backing for numerous groups and events to further the cause.

Belafonte also dedicated a significant portion of his life to humanitarian efforts. He has helped with numerous charities and events to raise money for African support. He acted in a campaign to fight HIV/AIDS and has been given numerous awards and recognitions for his work.

Harry Belafonte is one of those rare people who are given an amazing talent and a desire to use it to help others. He has spent most of his life doing this and continues doing it today despite being in his 80s.

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