Conspiracy theories in online poker

Even though the poker sites today are putting in concrete efforts to provide a fair game to the players there are several who are not yet convinced. There are several conspiracy theories that are making the rounds of the internet. Given below are a few of the most popular conspiracy theories of online poker and the truth behind them.

Bad beats to good players

The theory is that the sites make profits when bad players don’t end up losing all their chips to the good players. If a bad player lasts longer the poker site will earn more through rake and therefore these sites help these players. The truth is that online players are generally passive and weak and they end up calling too often. In such loose games, good hands find it hard to hold up. Another explanation is that online poker tends to be fast paced. On an average around 60 hands are played every hour which is double the number of hands played in the real world. For this reason, the good hands end up getting sucked out twice as often every hour.

Action flops

Another theory is that the poker sites make money through rakes when the pots are larger. For this reason the site deals flops to more than one player. A possible explanation to this conspiracy theory is the same as above. Loose play is typical of online poker and this means that the flop will have a chance to hit multiple players. Also, because of the fast paced game there will be more confrontations per hour. Many players tend to believe that the cards are not randomized in online poker. In fact, in real casinos there are far higher chances of the deck not being fully randomized. In online poker the cards are truly randomized since there are no physical cards present.

Cash out curse

The cash out curse is that a player will go bust or have bad luck once they cash out their winnings. The theory is that the poker sites do not want the players to withdraw their money and they prefer if the player keeps all their money in the account and continue playing so that they can earn more through rake. For this reason, they deal bad beats to players that cash out their winnings from the site to redistribute that money to others who may pay back more to them.

The truth is that poker is a very volatile game and luck does play a major role in the success or failure of a player. The balance in the game is forever fluctuating. If the balance is reduced there is a higher chance of going bust sooner than when a player maintains a cushion. Cash out curse happens not because of the poker site dealing bad beats but because it is just statistics that come into play.

It can be said that there is no truth behind the above mentioned conspiracy theories at all.

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