Chip Reese – The Poker King

Poker game is a seductive game that can get anyone hooked on it. Many have prospered and made a fortune out of this game. Those who have made poker their profession have created a remarkable place for themselves in the world of poker. Talking of players of genius, Chip Reese leads the league of professional poker players.

If you are an ardent poker player there is no chance of you not knowing Chip Reese. He is a well known figure who was known as a poker ace by his friends. Though he was sent to law school with a dream of him becoming a great lawyer, he could not fulfill his parents’ ambitions. David ‘Chip’ Reese was a lawyer turned poker player who never made it to Stanford, as a strange thing happened which changed his life totally.

Chip Reese was born on March 28th, 1951 in Dayton, Ohio. He was not only an all round achiever but also a good sportsman. He was educated at Harvard and Dartmouth and became a football star of these universities. He joined the Law program in Stanford after receiving his undergraduate degree.

Poker was never new to Chip Reese. He had been playing poker since he was a child. His mother was a good poker player who taught him tricks and strategies. With a flair for the game and enough training from his mother he could play games, such as Backgammon and rummy, well. His life took a twist when he was travelling to Stanford. He took a trip to Las Vegas and took part in a weekend tournament in which he won $60,000. This boosted his confidence and made him decide to take up poker professionally. But he kept this a secret from his family.

From then onwards Chip Reese took part in all the major tournaments and made it a point to win them. In the year 1978 he participated in the Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo and won $1000. In the year 1982 he won $5000. The year 2006 made a great difference in Chip Reese’s life. He won the H.O.R.S.E event in 2006 with a winning prize of $1.7 million. He won $2 million, which was a huge amount, in the first two years of his poker career. This was the highest amount which any poker player in the world could make.

Later, he realized that, to make more money, he would have to take up cash games instead of playing high profile tournaments. Reese had been an ardent strategist and an alert player at the table. He used his powerful memory and calculating ability to win money pots in the games. He became familiar with every thread of gambling, which helped him triumph in the world of poker.

Though Reese did all this to earn money and fame, his main consideration was his family. He always wanted to give his family the best, which made him, take up poker as a career, and why he made a substantial amount of money in this game. The world will ever remember him as the king of poker.

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