Belafonte’s Love for poker

Belafonte is one of the many people who have developed an interest and love for playing poker. Poker is one of the games which have become very popular with the introduction of the internet. Many people have been exposed to it and as a result it commands a huge following. Each individual plays poker for various reasons. Belafonte also has his diverse reasons why he enjoys the game. He particularly plays Texas Hold’em. He became an addict when his friends started playing the game and they become millionaires overnight. It was so interesting that he felt that he could give it a try. This was the beginning of Belafonte’s love for poker.

His love for online poker sites is quite a unique one and very different from the perspectives held by others. While other people play poker for the richness associated with it, he plays it for fun among other reasons that interests him. It is his view that poker is not only a game of cards but also a game that requires skills, intelligence and luck. He admits that even though luck is beyond our control; it is very necessary and important in the game. This is the reason why people who have won huge sums of money at one time do not have the fear of losing it again. They always go back and try to win again despite the high risk of losing it in the next game.

What thrills him most is the urge to go back in the game despite the high probability of coming out empty handed. This urge is so strong that he cannot resist it. The following are some of the major reasons behind Belafonte’s love for poker. He admits that he derives a lot of fun and pleasure in playing poker. Since he is a social figure, he feels happy when he meets various people during the game. He has been able to make a lot of friends in the process. Some of these friends have been very helpful to him in various ways ranging from supporting his career to offering various helpful advices that has really improved his lifestyle. Belafonte’s love for poker is derived from the fact that he can have both online and offline friends.

He also admits that playing on poker30 can be quite profitable, even though he is categorical that it does not form part of his major interest in the game. When luck is on your side you are likely to be a millionaire overnight in this game. But since he is a philanthropist, all the wealth that he has acquired through this game has been distributed to the needy and other charitable programs across the world. Because of his willingness and determination to transform the world into a better place, he has used the proceeds from this game in setting up benevolent funds and forming organizations to achieve his mission.

He admits that poker is intellectually motivating. The game requires that you strategize a head of your opponent. You have to know how to counteract your opponent’s tactics; this requires that you have to be very smart. Belafonte takes pride in outsmarting others.

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