Over-riding Operating Principle: Individual and Team Performance is a function of motivation, times competence, times congratulations, times cash. strategic enrollment management

Principle #1: When peers connect and engage, we leverage the power of peer pressure to enhance individual and team performance. Just as effective peer-push happens in crucial conversations, so too does poor performance fall with collusive peer-sabotage.

Correct any dysfunctional, unwanted behaviours immediately. Use informal leaders to make it happen.

Principle #2: When initiating a change, start with a respectful, direct and focused crucial conversation by confronting the other person with questions that create sweaty armpits but set the stage for a respectful solution-oriented exchange. Do not waste time on small talk. Small talk is expensive talk. Get to-the-point by getting to the information-seeking questions,

“What’s going on with you, when…? Are you aware of…? Am I doing anything that is causing this problem…?”

Principle #3: Conversations are not structured, and have a very definite goal — to enroll people in increasing their performance — preferably voluntarily. But if that fails, to bring out the silver bullet. Be open to opening the conversations to new territory.

Always keep in mind, “What is the desired outcome of the other side?”

Principle #4: Focus on solving problems that matter to both parties. Try for win/win. If that fails go to win/win — or, no deal to turn the heat up. Allow time for exploration of the problem, but not so much that it becomes a boring, expensive drag. Time is money.

The symptom of a boring, dragging conversation is that tightening band that begins to pain your forehead.

Leave spaces in which people can express their doubts, hopes, concerns and fears. Be an engaged listener. Hold people as accountable — do not take on the responsibility to fix the problem. Allow time for the articulation of thoughts and feelings that will likely lead to solutions.

Principle #5: Professional and personal transformations happen when the right questions are explored with everyone’s intention to initiate improvements. Focusing only on solutions, everyone tries to sell others on their way. Which often leads to, “It’s my way or the highway!” Elvis has left the building at that point.

By allowing people to openly explore their own questions, they are more open to input from others (the power of peers now starts kicking in). In the process they discover what they were not previously aware of.

Principle #6: Professional and personal transformations lead corporate transformations — because a corporation is an aggregate of individuals interacting with other individuals –both internally and externally.

Principle #7: Leadership development is (a) not an event and (b) about individual is a leader. The process of participating in respectful, crucial conversations in which people discover their own unique genius is the stuff of meaning, fun and profit.

Do you expend your ultimate, personal, non-renewable resources — your heartbeats — in this kind of environment?

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